Valley Vixens MC

We started out as four women who came together with a mutual trust, love and respect for one another and a desire to ride as one. Together we assemble what is the basis of “A True Sisterhood” we are an independent woman’s motorcycle club and respect everyone’s choice to live and let live. Our mission, to adjoin other women who are in search of the same empowerment, creating solidarity that is significant and undisputed. To become an element of this strong alliance means you have a trust, loyalty, understanding, love and respect for yourself and all of your sisters, it means your opinions are valued, it means you will always have encouragement, a world of possibilities and Sisters for life. In addition we are a non profit organization who support other MC's and special interest groups in their endeavors to help charities beat illness, poverty and families in need…
820 Willow St. #182, San Jose, 95125, CA, USA
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