The Steel Horse Sisterhood

We ride motorcycles....they are our Steel Horses. As women who ride, we share a common bond. We share the love for our countries, the love of riding and the love of our motorcycles. The Steel Horse Sisterhood does not discriminate against the make or model of bike, the size of the engine or whether you ride your own or share your ride as a passenger - if you are a woman and ride, you have a story to tell and we want to hear it! The Steel Horse Sisterhood is a collaboration of the life stories of women who ride, and an insight into what fuels their passion. What is your passion? What is your story? Tell us - we want to know! Welcome Sisters! Riding American Proud Lady Road Dog *****Please Note: Any derogatory posting, advertising or recruiting posts will be deleted by admin so that we can keep this page friendly to all of our sisters*******