The Sisters of Scota WMC™

We have been earning our keep and representing our three piece patch for over three decades, since 1979 to be exact. Well, guess what, we ride!! We do not have time to sit around and have every moment documented. But we decided that we would take the time to put together our history so that everyone understands that WE are the original Leather & Lace WMC™, we RETIRED the name in 2001. We are now the Sisters of Scota WMC™ and we are here to stay. The Sisters of Scota WMC™ will always claim the Leather & Lace WMC™ as our history. That is why Leather & Lace is RETIRED for any MC or WMC by The Powers that Be. Check out the History Pictures on the Photos Page for more proof about our club and how long we have been around.
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