Rumble Sisters Biker Sisterhood

The Rumble Sisters Biker Sisterhood came about very unceremoniously. A forum for women motorcycle riders, Women Who Ride, was the founding arena. Women riders got to know each other there, at times managed to meet and formed fast friendships.In a passing conversation, one of the women threw out the name "Rumble Sisters". Everyone liked the title and adopted it. Soon a domain was registered and after many on-line discussions the Rumble Sisters Biker Sisterhood was founded in May of 2003. The sisterhood became a "by invitation" group, allowing for a "getting to know you" period for members and prospective members. Chapters were formed as "clans" and were based on geographic areas. The clans were named for animals, invoking the thoughts of strength and unity. Simple guidelines and a Council of Sisters to lend some organization to the sisterhood.
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