Nadine Lajoie

B.Sc. in Actuarials Sciences to Financial Planning, and becoming the President of Nadynn International Inc. and Lajoie des Finances Inc (A company part of the Canadian Excellence Club of Peak Investments), Nadine is now an International Motorcycle Racer and Motivational Speaker. Although, it was only a decade ago when she started a life changing Journey of personal growth which radically shifted her focus, and her purpose. In 2001, she decided to get herself a motorcycle. 2 years later, she was racing and reached her first podiums in the Men’s categories finishing 3rd place in Daytona. Since then, in her RV, Lajoie has toured the States and through her newly established network, was propelled her to tell her incredible story and is now inspiring today's youth, women's and business organizations to IN-Power themselves. Keep Dreaming... Keep Living!
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