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Hooligan Vegetarian

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I've been making things like crazy lately. From changing a thrift store sewing table into something wonderful and weird, to bringing my crazy ideas of a bedroom decorated ENTIRELY with fiber arts to life... I still bake bread a lot, the other day I f ...

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Lois on the Loose


‘A gutsy tale of one woman and her bike, told with vigour and honesty….she manages to make the journey an enjoyable experience and a solid read. There are the usual chaotic scenes of jumble in border towns, and heart-warming tales of help en route. But th ...

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Ride like a Girl

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Ride like a Girl


When I began riding 6 short years ago, I found myself searching everything I could find to read and re-read regarding motorcycling, touring, safety, machines, destinations, and anything somewhat motorcycle related. I read, rode, practiced and learned. ...

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Journey to Change


Hello my name is Linda Patterson and I have a story to tell… 12 years ago, I was afraid to go to the market alone.  I was full of fear about everything and everybody.  I was a victim of circumstances and lost in domestic violence and various ad ...

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A héten megint nem volt motorozás, pedig az időjárás miatt akár lehetett volna. A nyakamba...


"A jó kislányok a mennybe mennek, a rosszak mindenhova"

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